Dr. Jaggar Returns to Volcano

After a 2 year hiatus, Kilauea Drama & Entertainment Network (KDEN) is pleased to announce that our Living History Program “A Walk into the Past” with Dr. Jaggar is returning to Hawaii Volcano National Park as of April 22.  

“A Walk into the Past” features local actor Dick Hershberger as Dr. Thomas Jaggar the founder of the Hawaii Volcano Observatory.  The nationally acclaimed program takes place near the Whitney Vault just below the Volcano House in Hawaii Volcanoes National Park. The year is 1939, and after 27 years as founder and director of Hawaii Volcano Observatory, Dr. Jaggar is forced to retire and is moving to Oahu to be on the faculty of University of Hawaii. Jaggar explains why his mission is to save lives through the study of volcanoes around the world.  

Dick Hershberger appears as Dr, Thomas Jaggar in KDEN’s Living History Program at HVNP “A Walk into the Past”.

This program was started in 2005 by the late writer/actor/director Peter Charlot. In 2012 the program was revamped and Hershberger took over as Jaggar. The show has evolved from the original setting in 1912 just before the Bosch-Omori seismograph was installed in Whitney Vault to where it is today. Hershberger’s knowledge of Jaggar’s story and the geology of the volcano make the program engaging as well as informative.

 “A Walk into the Past” takes place on Fridays at 10, and noon, through most of May and will appear on a regular basis starting on June 10.  Those interested can pick up free tickets at the Kilauea Visitor Center on the day of the event.

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