Auditions for The Mikado

We are pleased to announce the auditions for our 20th summer musical, Gilbert and Sullivan’s The Mikado; or , The Town of Titipu. Auditions will be on Monday and Tuesday, May 23rd & 24th at 6:30pm at KMC’s Kilauea Theater. There are parts for all ages and ability. Auditioneers should be prepared to sing a song that best shows their vocal range and dress comfortably to move on the stage. There will be cold readings as well.

Principal male characters are The Mikado, Nanki-Poo- his son, Koko- Lord High Executioner, Pooh-Bah – Lord High Everything Else, and Pish-Tush and Go-To both Noble Lords. Principal female characters are Yum-Yum, Pitti-Sing and Peep-Bo all wards of Koko, and Katisha- an Elderly Lady. There is also a chorus of school girls, noblemen and guards. Familiar tunes include “I’ve Got a Little List”,” Three Little Maids from School”, and “A Wand’ring Minstrel, I”. The show is being directed by Suzi Bond. Walter Greenwood is the music director will conduct the live orchestra.

As with all Gilbert and Sullivan the primary theme is duty and respect. It is about following through with commitments made and being responsible for the consequences. They are just set in different places; A pirate cove, a ship, a castle, Japan. That and taking aim at society and its foibles. Gilbert used foreign or fictional locales in several operas, including The MikadoPrincess IdaThe GondoliersUtopia, Limited and The Grand Duke, to soften the impact of his pointed satire of British institutions. 

When The Mikado was composed in 1885, Londoners had been enthusiastic about all things Japanese since the opening of Japan to the West in the mid-1850s. It shows the limited knowledge of Japan and all of East Asia as it claims to be set in Japan, but the names of the characters and places are more Chinese-like. It shows how ignorant of other races the English (white people) were and to some aspect still are. The Mikado takes a swipe at 1880s English society and institutions while disguising it as foreign policies.

The performance will be July 22 – August 7th, 2022; Fridays and Saturdays at 7:30, Sundays at 2:30 in KMC’s Kilauea Theater.

Dr. Jaggar Returns to Volcano

After a 2 year hiatus, Kilauea Drama & Entertainment Network (KDEN) is pleased to announce that our Living History Program “A Walk into the Past” with Dr. Jaggar is returning to Hawaii Volcano National Park as of April 22.  

“A Walk into the Past” features local actor Dick Hershberger as Dr. Thomas Jaggar the founder of the Hawaii Volcano Observatory.  The nationally acclaimed program takes place near the Whitney Vault just below the Volcano House in Hawaii Volcanoes National Park. The year is 1939, and after 27 years as founder and director of Hawaii Volcano Observatory, Dr. Jaggar is forced to retire and is moving to Oahu to be on the faculty of University of Hawaii. Jaggar explains why his mission is to save lives through the study of volcanoes around the world.  

Dick Hershberger appears as Dr, Thomas Jaggar in KDEN’s Living History Program at HVNP “A Walk into the Past”.

This program was started in 2005 by the late writer/actor/director Peter Charlot. In 2012 the program was revamped and Hershberger took over as Jaggar. The show has evolved from the original setting in 1912 just before the Bosch-Omori seismograph was installed in Whitney Vault to where it is today. Hershberger’s knowledge of Jaggar’s story and the geology of the volcano make the program engaging as well as informative.

 “A Walk into the Past” takes place on Fridays at 10, and noon, through most of May and will appear on a regular basis starting on June 10.  Those interested can pick up free tickets at the Kilauea Visitor Center on the day of the event.

“How the Other Half Loves” opens soon

The hilarious Alan Ayckbourn comedy How the Other Half Loves opens soon at KMC’s Kilauea Theater.  Performances will be March 4 – 20. Fridays and Saturdays start at 7:30 pm, and Sundays begin at 2:30 pm.

Set in the autumn of 1969, the show centers around three couples. Fiona Foster and Bob Phillips are having an affair unbeknownst to their spouses Frank Foster and Teresa Phillips. To cover it up they invent cover stories that involve a third couple, William and Mary Detweiler. which leads to farcical misunderstandings, conflicts and revelations. How The Other Half Loves has a single set, which represents two separate but over-lapping living rooms which allows the action to take place in both rooms simultaneously. A talented cast of six veteran Hilo actors take the stage to portray the three couples. Mark Rawlings and Celaney Carpenter are Frank and Fiona Foster, Ray Ryan and Joanne Pocsidio are Bob and Teresa Phillips, and Murphy Bierman and Joy Bierman are William and Mary Detweiler. They are under the direction of Suzi Bond. Don Lawrence has designed the set, Helie Rock is costuming and John Kea is light and sound designer.

“This is one of the first shows I worked on 50 years ago. I was the prop master and this show has a LOT of props. It has been a blast to revisit the show and see how well it holds up” says director Suzi Bond. “From the first rehearsal there has been lots of laughter. We spent the first 3 rehearsals just reading through the play so that everyone had a clear understanding of how the flow of the show works. Once we started blocking it was kinda slow going making sure that we were able to keep the action flowing. We have such a small stage it has been a challenge. I think people will be amazed at how much is on the stage and how everyone moves freely in the space. “

Tickets for the performance are $15 and are available at the door. Reservations and more information are available by calling (808) 982-7344 or emailing How the Other Half Loves is presented by arrangement with Concord Theatricals on behalf of Samuel French, Inc. (

KDEN is following all protocols to keep people safe. Seats in the theater have been blocked off to create 6 foot blocks between available seats. Temperature checks will be taken at the door. Masks are required. We will have sanitation stations at the door and also at the bathrooms. The doors to the theater will be left open for ventilation; layers are recommended as it will be chilly.

Radio Plays for the Holidays

By popular demand Kilauea Drama & Entertainment Network (KDEN) will be presenting Radio Plays for the Holidays, Friday and Saturday December 10 – 11 at 7:30 pm, and Sunday December 12 at 2:30pm in KMC’s Kilauea Theater.  The plays are from the 30s, 40s, and 50s and follow a holiday theme.

“KDEN is trying to keep on performing throughout the uncertainty of the pandemic. We are thrilled to be bringing this fun entertainment for the holidays as we miss being able present the Volcano Festival Chorus’ annual concert,” says KDEN Board President Karl Halemano. “This is now our third set of these radio plays. Audiences have loved the experience of the past two and keep asking for more.”

The plays being performed are “Twas the Night Before Christmas” based on a story by Paul Galico, “The Meanest Man in the World” by Augustin MacHugh and “The Visit of St. Nick” based on the famous Christmas poem by Clement C. Moore. Between the plays there will be Christmas caroling accompanied by Melanie Oldfather.

The actors will be playing numerous roles at microphones with scripts in hand and live sound effects. The cast features local favorites Joy and Murphy Bierman, Stephen Bond, Deb Campbell, Kathy Frankovic, Nathan Friday, Hal Glatzer, Sam Hall, Ariana and Joel Kelley, Ben, Sherie, Cadence, Toby and Sean McMillan, Kendra Obermaier, Mark Rawlings, and Ray Ryan. The show is being directed by Suzi Bond.

Tickets are $15. Reservations are highly recommended and can be made by calling (808) 982-7344 or emailing . KDEN is following all protocols to keep people safe. Seats in the theater have blocked off creating 6 foot blocks between available seats. Temperature checks will be done at the door. Masks are required. We will have sanitation stations at the door and also at the bathrooms. The doors to the theater will be left open for ventilation, layers are recommended as it will be chilly.

Pirates 2004 on YouTube

Heidi, who played Mabel in KDEN’s The Pirates of Penzance from 2004, has the entire production on her YouTube channel. You can watch it here!

Coming soon: “Pirates of Penzance” video!

For those of you who missed this summer’s production of Pirates due to CoVid concerns, the video will be available for viewing soon.

In the meantime, if you would like to donate click the donate button at the top of the page.

The “Pirates of Penzance” Cast!

Presenting the cast of The Pirates of Penzance!

Richard/Pirate King … Stephen Bond
Samuel … Nate Friday
Frederic … Murphy Bierman
Major General Stanley … Joel Kelley
Edward/Police Sergeant … Ben McMillan
Mabel … D’Andrea Pelletier
Kate … Elizabeth Young
Edith … Kendra Obermaier
Isabel … Mia Boyer
Ruth … Joy Bierman

Maidens … Ariana Kelley, Fiona Broward, Keokina Freitas, Sophia McQueen, Katie Mulliken, Nanny Kathy Mulliken, Dawn Pelletier

Little Maidens … Alana Kerby-Corbett*, Eva Pelletier*, Malia Wells*

Pirates … Debbie Campbell, Glenn Fernandez, Sam Hall, Sherie McMillan, Alan McNarie, Yama Radke, Mark Rawlings, Ray Ryan, David Wells

Pirate Cabin Boys … Cadence McMillan*, Drew Pelletier Jr*

Police … Sean McMillan, Tobias McMillan, Yama Radke, Mark Rawlings